London HQ of Gazprom

The IOR Group requested our help to turn their design concept into reality. We designed and manufactured the glazing system to cater for a triple glazed edge-illuminated glass reception screen with LED lighting. We worked closely with the designers and client to create layers of moulded and depth sandblasting, resins and gilding with printed films to produce a unique feature using images of the earth’s surface through the atmosphere from space, with illuminated graphics and the Gazprom motif. The success of this project led to us being offered the opportunity to produce a glass sculpture. We approached glass designers Bradley Basso to collaborate with us on this project. The ‘glass sculpture’ developed into the ‘Birch Tree Walk’ consisted of 24 glass panels with acid etching and sandblasting on both surfaces, complete with gilding and graded colours, juxtaposed to allow for movement between them whilst creating a walk through the changing seasons.

H+C_IOR_Gazprom 8 A
Birch tree detail
Birch tree walk
H+C_IOR_Gazprom 40
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