• Whether free standing or with handrails or posts, balustrades protect against change in levels or dangerous drops, such as staircases or stair wells with minimal impact on the eye. Alternatively, by decorating them on either or both surfaces, they can be turned into a feature of beauty, a talking point or simply etched to supply some privacy.


  • Our range of products are made to order especially for your project and they offer an immediate choice of finishes that fall into a varied price range without the cost of development. If you are unable to find the exact colour or finish that you require most of these can be used as a starting point and adapted to fit in with your colour scheme.┬áThe world is your oyster!


  • Glass walls and doors can visibly open-up your house whilst avoiding some of the pitfalls of open plan. They can slide, they can be hinged, they can help contain kitchen smells without becoming isolated. They can be switchable, turning from clear to translucent when privacy is required or they can be decorated on either or both surfaces to transform them into a stunning feature.


  • Mirrors traditionally provide a means to see yourself, so demisting pads remove the problem of fogging up in bathrooms. You can also have back illuminated panels to help with your make-up! Mirrors make a room feel larger, a niche deeper or give an aged appeal when you use our antique finishes. Mirrors will transform your room when you choose to decorate them with the huge range of options we offer.


  • Nero Glass Design have fitted bespoke shower screens for hundreds of varied projects. These screens are usually clear glass but we have also produced some extraordinary features for our more daring, creative clientele, utilising the huge range of opportunities available from our glass decoration department. These vary from single tone etched designs to add some privacy, through to dramatic etched and gilded feature walls for steam rooms and changing areas.


  • When using back painted or decorated glass to clad a wall, however large and in whichever room you choose, the options available are almost limitless with the choice of any colour to match or contrast your scheme. There are lively reflective options utilizing acid etching, mirrors and gilding or subtle etched surfaces for an attractive alternative to the norm whilst giving you an easy clean surface!

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