If you wish to create a visual break between areas of your property, whether commercial or domestic, but wish to retain a feeling of continuity, you are likely to use glass, whether in a form of a screen, a fixed partition or even doors.

Our CC Range offers a huge selection of striking alternatives with varying degrees of transparency and privacy created by offering density of designs, colour and clarity to suit your needs.

Bromesh P 2lic bright

Bromesh P 2bc bright

Bromesh P 2gyc bright

Bromesh P 2lic tone

Bubbles NC black

Bubbles NC blue

Bubbles NC Fuschia

Bubbles NC ivory

Bubbles NC Jade

Bubbles NC white

Bubbles PC Black

Bubbles PC blue

Bubbles PC fushia

Bubbles PC ivory

Bubbles PC jade

Bubbles PC white

Cross Grain P 2bc bright

Cross Grain 2gys bright

Cross Grain P 2lic bright

Cross Grain P 2lic tone

Fade Out blue

Fade Out bronze

Fade Out grey

Fade OutĀ 

Hemp blue

Hemp Cream

Hemp grey

Hemp white

Hornbeam C aqua

HornbeamĀ  C gold

Hornbeam C grey

Hornbeam C rust

Lizard blue

Lizard cream

Lizard grey

Lizard P 2bc bright

Lizard P 2gyc bright

Lizard P 2lic bright

Lizard P 2lic tone

Lizard white

Patched Hemp blue

Patched Hemp cream

Patched Hemp grey

Patched Hemp white

Shimmer blue

Shimmer green

Shimmer grey

Shimmer red

Wove blue

Wove cream

Wove grey

Wove white