This exciting range of products offer a varied selection of incredibly different coloured options to suit every environment.

They can be used to brighten up a corridor, create a sophisticated feel in your lounge, give a refreshing different backdrop to your shower or add style to anywhere else you wish to use glass!

Baubles G

Baubles warm

Baubles white


Erosion black

Erosion blue

Erosion cream

Erosion white

Geolite black

Geolite grey

Geolite red

Geolite white

Hornbeam aqua

Hornbeam gold

Hornbeam grey

Hornbeam rust

Matrix black

Matrix blue

Matrix red

Matrix white

Pallete amber

Pallete blue

Pallete grey

Pallete red

Polygrain dark

Polygrain duck egg

Polygrain chestnut

Polygrain ebony

Polygrain F mid oak

Polygrain F pine

Polygrain grey

Polygrain light oak

Ruskin 04

Ruskin 10

Ruskin 23

Ruskin 24

Striation blue

Striation ebony

Striation fuschia

Striation grey

Striation ivory

Striation mahogany

Striation pine

Striation rosewood