This range continues to utilise the reflective characteristics of silvered glass by applying different styles of design with varying degrees of density of colour, some being vibrant and some much more refined.

As you move around the room all these designs will alter dramatically as they respond to the different reflection of light created by the changing angles of view.

Bamboozal S blush

Bamboozal S grey

Bamboozal S ribbon

Bamboozal S straw

Bromesh P 2bs bright

Bromesh P 2bs chestnut

Bromesh P 2gys bright

Bromesh P 2lis bright

Codal S black

Codal S blue

Codal S green

Codal S red

Cross Grain P 2bs bright

Cross Grain P 2bs chestnut

Cross Grain P 2gys bright

Cross Grain P lis bright

Cross Grain S black

Cross Grain S dark

Cross Grain S grey

Cross Grain S white

Hemp S blue

Hemp S cream

Hemp S grey

Hemp S white

Lizard P 2bs bright

Lizard P 2gys bright

Lizard P 2lis bright

Lizard S blue

Lizard S cream

Lizard S grey

Lizard S white

Patched Hemp S blue

Patched Hemp S cream

Patched Hemp S grey

Patched Hemp S white

Portholes NS black

Portholes NS blue

Portholes NS fuschia

Portholes NS ivory

Portholes NS jade

Portholes NS white

Portholes PS black

Portholes PS blue

Portholes PS fuschia

Portholes PS ivory

Portholes PS jade

Portholes PS white

Shimmer S blue

Shimmer S green

Shimmer S grey

Shimmer S red

Wove S blue

Wove S cream

Wove S grey

Wove S white