Why not to wow your guests by installing an illuminated screen to lift your room to another level.

These products will make a spectacular impact in your lounge, change the mood of your kitchen or transform your floor or ceiling into something extraordinary.

The illustrations here show as best as we can the designs illuminated.

The hole panel may glow, in others only the design will illuminate or the colours tones may even reverse.

Aston C

Aston F

Aston Neutral

Aston S

Aston T

Bamboozal grey

Bamboozal red

Bamboozal straw

Bamboozal white

Cascade blue

Cascade grey

Cascade neutral

Cascade purple

Cascade ruby

Deco Scales neutral

Mercury blue

Mercury bronze

Mercury clear

Mercury cyan

Mercury green

Mercury orange

Mercury purple

Mercury red

Mercury V blue

Tremble green

Tremble grey

Tremble neutral

Tremble red

Mercury V green

Mercury V purple

Mercury V red

Tremble blue